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52nd edition

Sinon, oui

Fortnight 1997, Feature film, 1 h 55


It’s the story of a woman who accidentally leads her husband to believe she’s pregnant. He doesn’t want the child but she refuses to have an abortion (since she’s not pregnant). Gradually, the “fact” of this pregnancy keeps the husband from leaving her, provides comfort to her seriously ill father and delights her entourage. Day after day, the fabrication becomes increasingly present and nothing seems to able to stop it.


Claire Simon

Born in London. She came to the cinema as an editor and at the same time made shorts independently. She discovered direct cinema technique at the Ateliers Varan and directed several prize-winning documentary films. in 1997, she presented her first feature film, Sinon, oui, at the Directors Fortnight. After some theater work, she returned to documentaries with 800 km de différence – romance et Mimi (Berlin Film Festival, 2003), which both enjoyed theatrical release. Her second fiction feature, Ça brûle, was shown in the Fortnight in 2006.

Agnés Regolo
Catherine Mendez
Claude Merlin
Emmanuel Clarke
Lou Castel
Magali Leris
Sean Nelson

Boaz Yakin

Richard Copans

Dominique Lancelot

Catherine Quesemand

Archie Shepp, Catherine Ringer, Rita Mitsuko

Set decoration
Michel Vandestien

PRODUCTION : Zelie Productions 20, rue taine, 75012 Paris Tél. : 01 43 41 86 86 Fax : 01 43 41 90 09 French Production La Sept Cinéma Verseau International Inc. (Canada) VENTE A L’ETRANGER : Claudia Rae-Colombani, Art Box Productions 18, rue Marignan, 75008 Paris Tél. : 01 53 53 07 55 fax : 01 45 61 27 97