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52nd edition

Shit Year

Fortnight 2010, Feature film, 1h35


Renowned actress Colleen West abandons her successful career for a secluded life in the hills. But the quiet and peace of mind she longed for is disrupted by the noisy construction of neighboring housing developments. Before long, Colleen discovers that she really can’t stand herself now that she has given up the only thing that she has ever truly been passionate about. As an alternative to isolation, she reluctantly befriends her jubilant, whimsical neighbor and reconnects with her estranged brother. Haunted by loneliness and past desires, Colleen begins to feel as if she has lived her life through the characters she has played on stage and screen.


Cam Archer

Cam Archer lives and works in Santa Cruz, California. Shit Year is his second feature film.

Ellen Barkin
Luke Grimes
Melora Walters

Cam Archer

Aaron Platt

Cam Archer, Nate Archer, Eric Offin

Madeleine Riley

Mick Turner

Set decoration
Elizabeth Birkenbuel

production :

Parts And Labor
177 North 10th Street, Suite F
NY 11211 Brooklyn
Tél : +1 917 747 0747

ventes à l’étranger / foreign sales :

The Match Factory
Balthasarstrasse 79-81
50670 Cologne
Tél : +49 221 539 709 0
Fax : +49 221 539 709 10

presse / publicist : 

Richard Lormand
Tél : +33 9 70 44 98 65
Cell : +33 6 24 24 16 54