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52nd edition

Sepohon Rambutan Indah Kepunyaanku Di Tanjung Rambutan

Fortnight 2006, Short film, 27 min


Atan and Tina are brother and sister. They live surrounded by love in a comfortable house. They play and fight as siblings often do and their parents have no qualms about leaving them alone for an evening while they attend a wedding feast. Tonight, Tina pushes Atan to the breaking point – taking advantage of him as she tends to do too often. Atan’s reactions will have disastrous consequences.


bin HajiSaari U-Wei

Born in 1954, U-Wei Bin Haji Saari studied filmmaking at the New School for Social Research in New York City. He has worked for the Brocquy Fraser production company for the past 30 years. His credits include five theatrical feature films and 30 films for television. He was invited to Cannes in 1995 with his film Kaka Bakar, which was subsequently shown at the major international festivals and received the Grand Prize (Best International Film) at the Brussels Film Festival. In 1997, he received a prestigious cash grant from NHK Japan. The Nantes Film Festival paid tribute to him in 2001.

Azizah Mahzan
Megat Deli Mohd Jalani
Siti Raihanah Ahmad Zalani
Sobri Anuar Tarmizi

U-Wei Bin HajiSaari

Daven S/O Raghavan

Nurzaidi Bin Abd Rahman

Desmond Crowe

Set decoration
Desmond Crowe

Production : leBrocquy Fraser Productions 64 Monk’s Hill Terrace Singapore 228547 Singapore Tél : +65 6836 6710 Fax : +65 6836 6730

Title in Original Version : My Beautiful Rambutan Tree In Tanjung Rambutan