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52nd edition

Sem Coração

Fortnight 2014, Short film, 25 min


Leo goes on vacation at his cousin’s, in a fishing village. There, he meets a girl who goes by the nickname ‘Heartless’.


Nara Normande

Nara Normande, born in 1986, won more than 20 awards with her first short film Dia estrelado (animation, 2011). Sem coração is her second film and her first experience in live-action. She’s now working in the preproduction of her newest film, Guaxuma, a mixed technique animation.


Tião is a young filmaker, one of the founders of the Trincheira production company / collective of ideas. Muro is his second short film. The first one is called Eisenstein and it was done in 2006, co-directed by Leonardo Lacca and Raul Luna.

Eduarda Samara
Rafael Nicácio
Ricardo Lavenère

Nara Normande, Tião

Ivo Lopes Araújo

Nicolas Hallet, Simone Dourado, Carlos Montenegro, Gera Vieira

Nara Normande, Tião

Set decoration
Thales Junqueira, Maurício Nunes

Production :
CinemaScópio (Brésil)

Trincheira / Garça Torta
Rua Joaquim Xavier de Andrade, 71
52061-350 Recife – Brésil
Tél : +55 81 32043481

Title in Original Version : Heartless