52nd edition

Select Hôtel

Fortnight 1996, Feature film, 1 h 25


It’s an hotel with the walls in the corridors covered with striped paper, crossed like the bars of a dingy prison, its rooms as large as cells. The Select Hotel is a dead end place for those who do not have enough cash to go somewhere else. The last shelter for those who hang around at night. These shadows wlking silently along the streets, selling their poor body heat for a few crumpled banknotes, swallowed and digested by their voracious thirst for a cheap high. Enough to forget for a while the distress of a ruined and to dream of a more rejoicing elsewhere. Nathalie and her brother Tof struggle against this futureless world. Pierre, a shoe-repairer, troubled by Nathalie’s grace will take part for a while to the life of these two children of misery.


  • Emmanuelle Rozes
  • Eric Aubrahn
  • Jean-Michel Fête
  • Julie Gayet
  • Marc Andreoni
  • Michel Gondoin
  • Sabine Bail
  • Serge Blumental


Laurent Bouhnik

Gilles Henry

Patrice Mendes

jacqueline Mariani, Clémence Bielov

Jérôme Coullet, Musique additionnelle : Lio, Les Tepakim’s, Hoax

Set decoration
Isabelle Millet


PRODUCTION : Climax Productions 8, passage Dieu, 75020 Paris Tél. : 01 40 09 19 19 Fax : 01 43 48 17 23