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52nd edition

Sekmadienis. Evangelija pagal liftininka Alberta

Fortnight 2003, Short film, 18mn


A weird summer day in the life of lift-man Albertas. The film is a kind of documentary reading of Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot set in the Lithuanian director’s home town, Vilnius.


Arunas Matelis

Arunas Matelis was born in 1961. He studied film at the Lithuanian Music Academy, Theatre and Television Faculty, before founding the independent production company Nominum (1992). Its credo, poetic documentary: « In the film world there are no genres. The truth of documentary reality is not a fact, it is an impression. Editing is not telling a story, but creating a form ». He has produced more than 10 short films and directed seven international prize winning shorts.

Arunas Matelis

Rimvydas Leipus, Andrejus Trukanas, Vytas Survila

Viktoras Juzonis, Arunas Matelis

Vida Buckute

Production et Ventes à l?étranger: Arunas Matelis Nominum Post box Nr. 462 Kriviu 4 2007 Vilnius Lituanie Tél  :+370 5215 3015 Fax : +370 5215 3015 Mob : +370 6124 1012 Coproductions : LKS (Lituanie), HBF (Pays-Bas), DFI (Danemark) Presse (Int.) Carsten Holst Zentropa Real Tél  : +45 3686 8788 Fax  : +45 3686 8789 Mob : +45 2213 8828

Title in Original Version : Sunday. The Gospel According To Lift-Man Albertas