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52nd edition

Sauf Dimanches Et Fetes

Fortnight 1977, Short film, 20 mn


Somebody steals your wallet, you corner the thief, but there eventually are two of them and the cops arrive at point-blank. What do you do? And the cops, what do they do? And Justice, what does She does with your two attackers? Frank did not asked himself those questions before either…
François ODE


François Ode

He studied literature then was teacher of french ans german. He came to the SRF where he especially was interested in short-films and was first delegate. He initiated and worked for the Short film agency where he was delegate. After publishing he started a new magazine dedicated to short film: BREF. He was member of the animation co-operative in the Renoir cine-club. He directed audiovisual editings and participated in plays and theatrical performances. He was a member of the jury in Cannes film festival. He died in 1995.

Alain Libolt

Georges Strouve

Maryvonne Le Brishoual

Production : THOMAS FILMS