52nd edition

Sans un cri

Fortnight 1992, Feature film, 1 H 26


Two people with a relational problem give birth to a child who, instead of bringing them closer, tears them apart. Pierre, the father, starts to feel untold jealousy with Nicolas. The child confusedly senses the violence around him. The three live in great isolation. The father carries blocks of marble, alone in his big truck since his wife Anne has stopped going with him, busy raising the child in their level-crossing keeper’s house where Anne has built a decor truthful to her dreams. To feel less lonely, Pierre adopts a young dog, Molosse, which soon grows big and threatening – but the threat is rather fantasized than real. Molosse reveals to them the absolute hell that makes words go wrong, that lays bare all feelings to haste the inevitable.


  • Lio
  • Nicolas Prive
  • Rémi Martin


Jeanne Labrune

André Neau

Eric Devulder

Guy Lecorne

Anne-marie Fijal

Set decoration
Emile Ghigo


PRODUCTION : French Production Art-Light Productions Revfilms Zenab RTL TVI (Belgique) Jean Vigo International (Italie) VENTE A L’ETRANGER : Pyramide International