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52nd edition


Fortnight 1995, Feature film, 1h58


Wealthy housewife, Carol White, more anaesthetised than alienated, fills the empty hours with aerobic classes, lunches and buying couches. But her world of domestic oblivion careers of its axis when she becomes allergic to her environment – car fumes, the dry-cleaners and even the new couch. Welcoming retreat, she finally ends up in a creepy New Age Healing Center. From what was very little in the first place, Carol’s life disintegrates to practically nothing at all…


Todd Haynes

He was born in South California and studied arts at Brown Uniersity. He made his first short film in 1978, The suicide. He settled in New York where he founded Apparatus Production with Barry Ellsworth and Christine Vachon. He made a medium length film Superstar: the Karen Carpenter Story, awarded in San Francisco and the USA Film Festival. He directed his first feature film in 1990; he won grand prize in Sundance and many awarded in international festivals. He made a short film Dottie Gets Spanked for PBS TV channel. He initiated Gran Fury, a group of artists fighting against AIDS. His work was awarded at the Whitney Biennial.

James LeGros
Julianne Moore
Kate McGregor Stewart
Peter Friedman
Susan Norman
Xander Berkeley

Todd Haynes

Alex Nepomniaschy

Neal Danziger

Jim Lyons

Ed Tomney

Set decoration
David Bomba

Production : Chemical Films, New York, USA – American Playhouse Theatrical Films – Good Machine – Kardana Productions Vente à l’étranger : The Sales Company, Londres, Grande-Bretagne