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52nd edition


Fortnight 2005, Short film, 19 min


The image produced by a Slit Camera never existed in reality. Unlike the traditional technique of image fixing, it is not meant to give an illusion of reality. With this film, we attempt to tell a story in a way that has nothing to do with any real experience.


Sándor Kardos

Born in Budapest in 1944, Sándor Kardos studied literature and linguistics as well as cultural management at Elte University in Budapest. He studied film at the Academy of Drama and Film in Budapest. He has worked with such major Hungarian filmmakers as András Jeles, Géza Bereményi and Péter Tímár. In 2003, he directed his first feature film, The Winning Ticket, with Illés Szabó.

Abigél Balogh
Nakagami Hisato
Samson Kardos
Sato Setsuko
Yamada Ayaka

Sándor Kardos

Sándor Kardos

Rudolf Várhegyi

Péter Politzer

Set decoration
Rita Dévényi

Production : Inforg Stúdió Kinizsi u 11 1092 Budapest Hongrie tél : +36 30 639 3383 fax : +361 219 0961 ventes à l’étranger : Inforg Stúdió

Title in Original Version : Slitfilm