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52nd edition


Fortnight 1995, Short film, 10 mn


A beautiful summer day. Everyone is in the fields. Alone at the farm, Sébastien, 8, is getting bored and looks for something – or someone – to play with. In a room, at the end of the corridor, his bedridden grandmother, whom he must not disturb. A moan, a groan… coming from the room. Sébastien plays football. With or against the moan? This is the story of an encounter.


Marine Place

She is a stage manager and a lighting technician at the Théâtre de la Vie in Brussells for example and the Théâtre municipal in Douai. She was assistant director to Yasmine Kassari on a short film, Le Feutre noir. Rebonds is her first short film.

Patrick Waleffe
Pierre-Henry Truy
Raymonde Sauron

Marine Place

Dominique Vaneste

Jean-Marie Daleux

Françoise Lannoy

Set decoration
Serge Place

Production : Mediafilm Consultants, Villeneuve d’Ascq, France – CRRAV