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52nd edition

Quelques secondes

Fortnight 2015, Short film, 16min


The daily life of 5 girls living in a hosting center in Paris. All haunted by their heavy past (rape, violence, abandonment), they even try to move forward. They all try to progress, except one : Sam.


Nora El Hourch

Nora El Hourch is Franco-Moroccan. She has been writing since she was young without thinking that someone would read. After some hesitation years in her schooling and professional career, she finally decided to take the plunge. A Few Secondes is her first short-film.

Ali Marhyar
Camille Lellouche
Charlotte Bartocci
Charlotte-Victoire Le Grain
Maly Diallo
Marie Tirmont

Nora El Hourch

Fabien Faure

Rémi Chanaud, Nicolas Provost, Vincent Cosson

Thibaut Blanchet

Cléo Lanfranchi

Set decoration
Dorothée Flageollet

Production :
Maja Films
210 rue Saint Denis
75002 Paris – France
T : 06 51 31 81 14

Coproduction :
Chapka Films (France)
Hamburger Records (France)

Title in Original Version : A Few Seconds