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52nd edition

Quelque part vers Conakry

Fortnight 1992, Feature film, 1 H 32


1971: Guinea, 13 years after the Independance. In the streets of Fria, revolution is humming. Somewhere near Conakry… Children are playing, unaware of adult concerns. Their vast territory stretches from the savannah to the backwater. In the mosaic of people in conflict, Jacques leads his warrior across a torn Africa where only children and the old have kept a pure vision of life. Beyond the taboos and laws that rule the country, Jacques and Madiou, the little African, are about to live the tough experience of friendship and parting. For both kids, a page has been turned. It is the adults who make history, and dreams come to an end in the morning. Remains the pact that will unite them forever… Somewhere near Conakry.


Françoise Ebrard

She grew up in Guinea where her parents then worked. She got back to France in 1973 and studied history of art and started working as a press officer. She became Claude Lelouch’s assistant; she also was an assistant to Alain Maline and Ariel Zeitoun. Quelque part vers Conakry is her first film.

Abdoulaye Diallo
Damien Mac Donald
Delphine Rich
Ibrahim Oury Bah
Ioana Craciunescu
Madame Kak
Philippe Jutteau
Pierre Bouchet

Françoise Ebrard

Dominique Gentil

Jérôme Thiault

Sophie Schmidt, Hugues Darmois

Serge Franklin

Set decoration
Pierre-Yves Prieur, Stéphane Dwerniki

PRODUCTION : Les Films de l’Ecluse VENTE A L’ETRANGER : Marcure Films