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52nd edition

Queenie in Love

Fortnight 2001, Feature film, 1h38


24 year-old Queenie prefers the slums of the East Village in Manhattan to her parents’ multi-million dollar estate in Westchester. A quirky, whacky character who plays pranks on everyone, Queenie works as a social worker with kids while unsuccessfully pursuing an acting career in New York. Horace is a middle-aged ex-cop who lives by himself in the same neighbourhood. Having been diagnosed by his doctor as terminal with only a few months to live, Horace starts going to a shrink and tries to find meaning to his life, at which point he meets Queenie, who takes him on a whirlwind of a ride, before they finally, truly find one another… Horace’s milieu also includes Martha and Spencer, a married couple of ex-gangsters now living a mundane life supplementing their income by throwing occasional S&M orgies for a few dollars. Queenie’s crowd includes Skip, her fiancé, an ambitious Wall Street broker, and her best friend, Tzocki, who is about to be married. It is a quirky, romantic New York comedy about the pursuit of love, life and the right to be your own wacky self.


Amos Kollek

Born in Jerusalem, she studied psychology and philosophy. She is a director, a producer, a screenwriter and an actor. Don’t Ask Me if I love was adapted by Barbara Noble in 1980. He worked as a journalist ( The New York Times, Die Ziet ).

Austin Pendleton
David Wike
Kris Carr
Louise Lasser
Mark Margolis
Valerie Geffner
Victor Argo

Amos Kollek

Ed Talavera

Giles Khan, Joshua Issac

Ron Len

David Carbonara

Set decoration
Brook H. Yeaton

Production :
Olivier Brémond
Pascal Breton
Jean-Louis Piel
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