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52nd edition

Quatre Jours Avant La Mort

Fortnight 1976, Feature film, 1h35


The « historical optimism » based on science, mentioned by poets, confirmed by experience and led through struggle is the essential idea of the film.
Djura’s very line : « Communism will overcome » is the key that allows to enter the film.
Miroslav JOKIC


Miroslav Jokic

Born in 1941, Miroslav Jokic studied cinema at the acting school of Belgrade. Stage director, he also directed TV fictions and documentaries, and was assistant to several Yugoslavian directors. He directed several short films, his most important being « Nephta Story » ; « Cetiri dana do smrti » is his first independant film.

Bert Sotler
Boro Begovic
Fabijan Sovagovic
Ljuba Tadic
Metka Franko
Predrag Eidus

Miroslav Jokic, Ivan Potrc, Dejan Djurkovic, Slobodan Stojanovic

Zivorad Milic

Radomir Petrovic

Production : JADRAN FILM (Zagreb), VIBA FILM (Djubljana), TELEFILM