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51st Directors’ Fortnight May 15-25, 2019

Qing Chun Jin

Fortnight 1986, Feature film, 1h30


Ode to Youth is a voyage through the memory of a young city girl, Li Chun. She recalls with nostalgia and emotion the time she spent in a distant, isolated village in Yu Nan province, during the Cultural Revolution. Our film is a hymn to the Dai People, who are sincere and without guile, and to their land which inspires the deepest feelings. The intense love for life and beauty of the Dai people overwhelms Li Chun and, little by little, the flame of her youth, which was buried deep inside her, is brought back to life. Like other young Han women, Li Chun was raised with a certain idea of modern life. The Han women are unable to look for love or to ask fo it, unable to follow an ideal or to express themselves with courage, as do the young Dai Girls. This cultural conflict between a simple, primitive civilization, modern and often hypocritical and corrupting, is the tragedy of Li Chun. Her youth, strangled by ideological principles, vanishes in the social chaos. I wanted to compose an ode, based on Li Chun’s memories, that is a poetic and subjective dream. Nuanxin Zhang


Nuanxin Zhang

She was born in Mongolia. She studied direction in China where she gave lectures. In 1979, she wrote the screenplay of Li Si Guand, a feature film. She is a member of the Chinese film critics council. She made her first full length film in 1981.

Fengxu Li
Jianguo Guo
Yuanzheng Feng

Wei Deng, Nuanxin Zhang, d’après le roman de Manling Zhang

Deyuan Mu, Wei Deng

Yihua Zhao

Yaowen Ma

Production : Studio de la Jeunesse, Beijing, Chine Vente à l’étranger : Compagnie d’Importation et d’Exportation des Films Chinois, Beijing, Chine

Title in Original Version : Ode A La Jeunesse