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52nd edition

Purely Belter

Fortnight 2000, Feature film, 1h37


Purely Belter is a heart-warming comedy about two young boys who won’t give up on the pursuit of their dreams. Two Geordie juveniles, Gerry and Sewell, set out on a seemingly impossible mission to find the £1000 required for two season tickets to their beloved football club. Sometimes, as short of good planning and common sense as they are of cash, their main enterprises becomes more hilarious then profitable – and the further away their goal seems to be, the more desperate they are to reach it. The story follows a year’s changing seasons in the lives of the two boys…


Mark Herman

He writes lyrics for The Christians among others. He is a screenwriter and a director. His first film See you at Wembley, Frankie Walsh won Oscar of best student film. Brassed Off was shown in Sundance in 1996 and won Cesar of best european film in 1998.

Charlie Hardwick
Chris Beattie
Greg McLane
Kevin Whately
Tim Healy

Mark Herman, d’après le roman “The Season Ticket” de Jonathan Tulloch

Andy Collins

Clive Winter

Michael Ellis

Ian BroudieMichael Gibbs

Set decoration
Don Taylor

Production :
Elizabeth Karlsen
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Title in Original Version : Newcastle Boys