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52nd edition


Fortnight 2015, Short film, 27min


After years of exile, Rafa returns to his village in the south of Spain and has to face all the ghosts left behind.


Elena López Riera

Elena López Riera was born in Orihuela (Spain) in 1982. She is co-founder of the collective research and audiovisual practices « lacasinegra » ( which directed the feature Pas à Genève, among others.

José Serrano
Lucas Vázquez
Rafa Alberola
Virginia de la Cruz

Rafa Alberola, Elena López Riera

Giuseppe Truppi

Jorge Alarcón

Raphaël Lefèvre

Set decoration
Ana Múñiz

Production :
Garidi Films
19 chemin François Chavaz
CH 1213 Genève – Suisse
T : +41 78 835 24 88

Coproduction :
Vermut Films (Espagne)

Ventes / Foreign sales :
Garidi Films

Distribution :
Garidi Films

Presse nationale et internationale / National and international press :
Olimpia Pont
T : +33 6 71 65 76 69