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52nd edition

P’tit Quinquin

Fortnight 2014, Feature film, 3h20


An improbale, screwball and slapstick police procedural focusing on bizarre crimes on the outskirts of a small Channel Town in the Boulonnais that has fallen prey to evil, and to an band of young scoundrels led by Li’l Quinquin and his beloved Eve.


Bruno Dumont

Bruno Dumont (born in France) is a French film Director. To date, he has directed several feature films, all of which border somewhere between realistic drama and the avant-garde. His first feature film La vie de Jésus was selected at Directors’ Fortnight. His films have won several awards at the Cannes films Festival. Two of Dumont’s films have won the Grand Prix award: both L’Humanite and Flandres (2006). The only other director who has twice won the Cannes Grand Prix is Andrei Tarkovsky. Dumont’s Hadewijch won the 2009 Prize of the International Critics (FIPRESCI Prize) for Special Presentation at the Toronto Film Festival, and will be distributed in France in 2009, and by IFC in the U.S. in 2010.

Alane Delhaye
Bernard Pruvost
Cindy Louguet
Lucy Caron
Philippe Jore
Philippe Peuvion

Bruno Dumont

Guillaume Deffontaines

Emmanuel Croset, Philippe Lecoeur

Bruno Dumont, Basile Belkhiri

Production :
3B Productions
10 passage des Taillandiers
75011 Paris – France
Tél : +33 1 4313 1060

Coproduction :
Arte (France)
Pictanovo (France)
Le Fresnoy (France)

Ventes / Foreign sales :
Tél : +52 55 5273 9307
Cell : +33 6 26 10 07 65

Pour la version série / for TV serie version
Film & Picture
Tél : +33 1 47 23 90 35

Distribution :
3B productions

Presse / publicist :
Matilde Incerti
Tél : +33 1 4805 2080
Cell : +33 6 0878 7660

Les Piquantes
Tél: +33 1 42 00 38 86
Alexandra Faussier, Florence Alexandre
Denis Revirand

Title in Original Version : Li'l Quinquin