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51st Directors’ Fortnight May 15-25, 2019

Prata Palomares

Fortnight 1977, Feature film, 1h50


This film I made with Itala in 1970, is the result of a work with the group « Oficina ». During the preparation and the shooting of the film, we lived in the atmosphere of those days, an hysteric euphoria and and uncertain conviction. The film is the only existing document of this historical moment. It took six years to obtain the authorization to export the film, while its release in our country is still suject to review. During these six years, I did not make any other movies, but went on working in the film industry. We are still hopeful, for in spite of the Tropic of the Capricorn, it is here where the sun is the brightest and will continue to blaze. André FARIA


André Faria

Born in 1944 in Brazil, André Faria gave up his architecture studies to follow stage direction classes at the Modern Art Museum of Rio de Janeiro, while participating in the shooting of Léon Hirschmann’s « Garota de Ipanema ». From 1967 to 1969, he worked on 18 films of the « Cinema Novo » as production manager, co-writer, editor. In 1970, he directed his first long feature, « Prata Palomares », which scenario was co-written with José Celso Martinez, manager of the « Oficina Theater ». The film was banned in 1971, and he did not direct since, but kept on working in the film industry, theater and advertisement.

Carlos Gregorio
Itala Nandi
Renato Borghi

André Faria, José Celso Martinez Correa

Silvio Bastos, Soly Levy

Joao Ramiro

Guilherme Guimaraes Vaz