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52nd edition

Por el dinero

Fortnight 2019, Feature film, 1h19
World premiere


“We were workers of luxury. And nobody was rich enough to pay us. We had to be at the same time the actor and the documentarist. We had to be at the same time the painter and their muse. The poet and the landscape. The rifle and its prey. The rider and the horse. Don Quixote and Cervantes at the same time.”

A miserable Argentine troupe of actors, dancers, musicians, film-makers and a girl embark on a theatre tour to some country, probably in Latin America. If ever love and money were irreconcilable, Por el dinero is the story of that tragedy.


Alejo Moguillansky

Alejo Moguillansky is a film director. His films have been screened in festivals such as Locarno, Berlin, Viennale and London, among others, and they have been highlighted in numerous retrospectives. He co-founded the production company El Pampero Cine.

Alejo Moguillansky
Gabriel Chwojnik
Luciana Acuña
Matthieu Perpoint

Alejo Moguillansky, Luciana Acuña, Walter Jakob

Inés Duacastella

Marcos Canosa

Alejo Moguillansky, Walter Jakob, Mariano Llinás

Gabriel Chwojnik

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Title in Original Version :
Pour l'argent
For the Money

Cannes projection

May 21
Théâtre Croisette

May 22
Cinéma Les Arcades / Salle 1

Studio 13

May 23
Théâtre de La Licorne

Press release

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