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52nd edition

Pleasure of Being Robbed (The)

Fortnight 2008, Feature film, 1h20


A curious and lost Eléonore looks for something everywhere, even in the bags of strangers who find themselves sadly smiling only well after she’s left their lives. They owe her their thanks. It’s is a portrait of loneliness at its guttural worst and best, funniest and saddest, real and unreal, under the blanket and atop.


Josh Safdie

Joshua and Benny Safdie were born and raised in New York, under the eye of their father’s Super 8 camera with which he kept filming them. During his film studies at Boston University, Josh met Sam Lisenco, Brett Jutkiewicz and Zachary Treitz. Together with Benny, they founded the collective, Red Bucket Films. They all live and work in New York, producing one another’s films. Go get some Rosemary is the first film co-directed the two brothers.

Andy Spade & Bea Spade
Astrid Larson
Calvin Wilson
Chris Messina
Dawn Glickman
Eléonore Hendricks
Gary & Alex Greenblatt
Jerry Damons
Jordan Zaldez
Josh Safdie
Miranda & Francesca LaPrelle
Sammy Lisenco
Wayne Chin

Josh Safdie, Eléonore Hendricks

Brett Jutkiewicz

Zach Treitz, Brett Jutkiewicz

Josh Safdie, Brett Jutkiewicz

Haruki Naginata, The Beets, Tiny Seas, Alex Billig, Stephen Valand and Carson Werner

Set decoration
Sam Lisenco

Production : Red Bucket Films 368, Broadway #203 NY 10023 New York États-Unis Tél : +1 646 489 9947 ventes à l’étranger / foreign sales : Sylvain Tron | Visit Films 89 5th Avenue, # 1002 New York, NY 10003 +1.917.744.2773 Presse / Publicist : Sam Lisenco Tél : +1 917 865 2129