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52nd edition

Pilkkuja Ja Pikkuhousuja

Fortnight 1993, Feature film, 1 h 24


We all likes poets, but does anyone still read poetry? There are days when one had better stayed in bed. A situation Tauno Lintunen, our poet, is about to experience: his marriage has failed, his debts pile up and the cover to his collection of poetry – long awaited by his publisher – is already in print, while he has was not written a single line. Faced with such a situation, it is better to link up with your past – even recent. But when you look upon it too closely, you find yourself embarking on a true quest of your own story, hoping to find it more attractive and harmonious. A story in which you’d both like to be the prince and the buffoon. But a man who loves the world in the way a dog bites his own tail often finds it difficult to cope with the harsh reality…


Matti Ijäs

When he was a teebager, he particpated in the cine-club of Helsinki. He studied communication in Tampere and started working in production. He was a director for Finnish TV; he made 9 dramas like The Wrestler in 1985 and made his first feature film Koomiko in 1983. Pikkuja ja pikkuhousuja is his thirs feature film.

Liisa Mustonen
Mikko Reitala
Paavo Pentikäien

Heikki Reivilä, Matti Ijäs

Kari Sohlberg F.S.C.

K.J. KoskiMatti Kuorti M.P.S.E.

Irma Taina

Raoul Björkenheim

Set decoration
Anu Maja

Production : Dada-Filmi Oy, Helsinki, Finlande Vente à l’étranger : Brussels Avenue, Bruxelles, Belgique

Title in Original Version : Virgules et petites culottes