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52nd edition

Pervii Etage

Fortnight 1990, Feature film, 1H10


I want you to be my wife. I want us to have children. A little girl. I want to see you every night after work. I want… – You’re out of your mind. – Why? I don’t understand you. – We’re just fine together. Isn’t that enough? A man loved a woman. He was jealous of her. He killed her… This is «Othello». A man loved a woman. He was jealous of her; He killed her… This is «Carmen». «The man who loved women»… This is François Truffaut. As young man loved a young woman. He was jealous of her. And, of course, he killed her. This is «Ground floor»; Igor Minaïev


Igor Minaiev

He was born in Ukrania and completed his studies of cinema at the Theater Arts Institute of Kiev. The short film he directed at the end of his studies was La Mouette. He then made L’Horizon argenté, in 1979: because of it, Mosfilms studios forbid him being a director. In 1987, the conflicts committee of the filmakers union rehabilitated his two short films but they never released because they had been destroyed. In 1985, the Odessa studios allowed him to make another short film, Le téléphone, and his first feature film, Mars froid, shown at The Directors’ Fortnight in Cannes.

Euguenia Dobrovolskaia
Ludmila Davidova
maxim Kisilev
Nicolaj Tokar
Svetlana Kruchkova

Olga Mikhaijlova

Vladimir Pankov

Iasnikova Riabinin

Polina Roudikh

Anatolij Dergachev

Set decoration
Anatolij Naoumov

Production : Primodessa Film en URSS Vente à l’étranger : Primodessa Film à Munich

Title in Original Version : Rez-de-chaussée