52nd edition


Fortnight 1996, Feature film, 1 h 29


Gabi, a young marginal thief, sees in Carmina, an unemployed alcoholic maid, the woman of her dreams. Gabi tries to convince her to become a marvellous woman who will take care of her and love her, providing her with all she needs : love, a home, human warmth and the sensation of being someone in this life. To obtain what she wants, she uses her overwhelming personality, and a pair of green marble shoes that she wants to offer to Carmina… The characters in “Pasajes” are miserable dreamers who try to survive in a world invented by them. They deceive each other under the influence of the strongest one, Gabi, a manipulative being that looks to obtain from others her own well-being.


  • Alfredo Villa
  • Charo Lopez
  • Ion Gabella
  • Nawja Nimri


Daniel Calparsoro

Kiko de la Rica

Aitor Berenguer

Pepe Salcedo

Alberto Iglesias

Set decoration
Julio Torrecilla


PRODUCTION : El Deseo S.A., Ruiz Perello 15 Bajo Centro, 28028 Madrid Tél. : (34-1) 725 01 07 Fax : (34-1) 355 74 67 VENTE A L’ETRANGER : CiBy Sales 10 Stephen Mews, London WIP IPP, Grande Bretagne Tél. : (44-171) 33 8877 Fax : (44-171) 333 8878