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52nd edition

Paris Des Négritudes

Fortnight 1969, Short film,


Liiving conditions of African imigrants in Paris. Interviews and images in Barbès and La Goutte d’Or, by night with poems of Moussa Samaké emphasize the difficulties for Africans in France to adapt and become integrated; it also shows the assertion of their cultural identity.


Jean Schmidt

His film Kriss Romani is about gipsies and racism they often suffer from. He makes movies on suffering and miseries of misfit people. He directed Comme Les Anges Déchus de la planète St michel and Les clowns de Dieu. His daughter often performed in his movies. He studied with the mime Marceau. He got involved with social minorities. He started in 1962 with Kriss Romani, making a film on Gipsies and made his last documentary, de rage et d’espoir. He died in 2009.