52nd edition

Parfait amour !

Fortnight 1996, Feature film, 1 h 53


Dunkerque, a mysterious and austere town, is a port favourable to lover’s wandering. Fred and Christophe are starting their love story. He is twenty-eight. She is thirty-seven (divorced with two children). A rather classic middle-class-looking woman She is surprised first. But she finally believes in their story. Then life returned to normal: realities appear. The man’s new personality emerges: selfish, tortured, drifting off. In other words, a young man. He cannot stand to have “led his life” at a time when he wants to “live” it. She suffers. Sometimes, he leaves her brutally, then comes back ringing at her door the same night. He is sorry. In fact, the dream is over: now she is the adult, he is the adolescent. Their relationship continues though, passionate and poisoned. Until one evening too many…


  • Alain Soral
  • Alice Mitterrand
  • Coralie Gengenbach
  • Delphine de Malerbe
  • Francis Renaud,
  • Isabelle Renauld
  • Laura Saglio
  • Marie Lebée
  • Michèle Reme
  • Serge Toubiana
  • Tom Rocheteau


Catherine Breillat

Laurent Dailland

Jean Minondo

Agnès Guillemot, Katia Chelli

Set decoration
Françoise Dupertuis


PRODUCTION : Dacia Films 3, rue de Liège, 75009 Paris Tél. : 01 40 23 48 10 Fax : 01 40 82 97 01 La Sept Cinéma VENTE A L’ETRANGER : Flasch Pyramide International (FPI) 5, rue Richepanse, 75008 Paris Tél. : 01 42 96 01 01 Fax : 01 40 20 02 21