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51st Directors’ Fortnight May 15-25, 2019

Oxhide II

Fortnight 2009, Feature film, 2h12


A table; A dinner of dumplings; A family of three members; Nine steady scenes which were shot around the table, between every scene there was 45 degree; 132 minutes of real time. That is everything about Oxhide Ⅱ. Just like Oxhide, the director and her parents played the three members of the family again. There is no fourth person in the shooting scene, except the cats.


Liu Jia Yin

Born in Aug.1981.Beijing,China. 2003. Beijing Film Academy. Bachelor’s degree. 2006. Beijing Film Academy. Master’s degree. From 2006 till now, teach in Beijing Film Academy. Major : scriptwriting.

Jia Hui Fen
Liu Jia Yin
Liu Zai Ping

Liu Jia Yin

Liu Jia Yin

Liu Jia Yin

Liu Jia Yin

Set decoration
Liu Jia Yin

Production : Liu Jia Yin Beijing Film Academy Haidian Dist Beijing,100088 Chine Tél : +86 139 1188 1516

Title in Original Version : Niu Pi Er