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52nd edition

Our Song to War

Fortnight 2018, Short film, 14 min
World premiere, Film in competition for the Œil d'Or Award


Crocodile-men, a mystic river, some kids that like fishing and a war that ends share the same land : Bojaya. In this place, villagers have strange beliefs and celebrate the “Novenario” death ritual.
This might be the beginning of a very long story, where spirits and humans meet each other to learn what is there to life after the end of war.


Juanita Onzaga

Juanita Onzaga is a Colombo-Belgian film director and director of photography. Her short film The Jungle Knows You Better Than You Do won the International Jury Prize for Best Short Film at Berlin International Film Festival 2017, several other prizes and was selected worldwide in festivals.

Camilo Chaverra Cordoba
Eliseo Pino Chaverra
Roberto Erlin Machado Cordoba

Juanita Onzaga
Juanita Onzaga
Jeremy Bocquet, Andrés Rangel, Thomas Noël
Juanita Onzaga

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