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52nd edition

Otrazheniie V Zerkale

Fortnight 1992, Feature film, 1 H 18


Viktor is a successful and popular actor. In his late thirties, he is going through a personal crisis and can’t find the reasons for it. His wife loves him, his success is ever-growing, he is at the peak of his talent. But he is gripped by anguish. He wonders if it comes from the very essence of his job, and if his acted hypocrisy has finally taken over his deep self. The theatre, his wife, the roles, everything surrounding him has become a perpetual mirror reflecting an unknown picture of him, driving him to commit actions and say things he thought he would never do.


Svetlana Proskourina

She studied theater, music and cinema at the National Institute in Leningrad and she worked a while as a film critic. She entered the High school of direction VRK in Moscou. She had collaborations with directors like Alexandre Sokourov and Constantin Lopouchanski. She started direction in 1987. Valse accidentelle is her second feature film, awarded in Locarno in 1990. The reflection in the mirror isher third movie.

Evguenia Dobrovolskaïa
Inna Pivar
Natalia Pavlova
Viktor Proskourine

Andrei Tchernykh

Dmitri Mass

Vladimir Persov

Leda Semionova

Viatcheslas Gaïvoronski

Set decoration
Iouri Pachegorev

PRODUCTION : Lenfilm Studios VENTE A L’ETRANGER : A. Mamontov, Lenfilm Studios

Title in Original Version : Le reflet dans le miroir