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52nd edition

Os Herdeiros

Fortnight 1970, Feature film,


Plot Outline:
An allegory about Brazil’s history and the struggle for power since the 1930 Revolution until the advent of the TV.
From 1930 to 1969, « Os Herdeiros » follows the lives of the fictional characters (Jorge Ramos (Sérgio Cardoso), Dr Almeida (Mário Lagos) etc.), all of them visibly inspired in names of the Brazilian politic history, such as Roberto Marinho, Carlos Lacerda and others, showing glances of the Brazilian political events in the last century.
The story begins in 1930, with the « Revolução de 1930 » (« Revolta Tenentista ») and the end of the coffee oligarchy and the government of president Washington Luis. Getulio Vargas assumes the Provisional Government of Brazil. There are ellipses, showing relevant facts in the national politic: (a) 1940, with Getulio Vargas still in the presidency. (b) 1945, with the fall of Getúlio Vargas. (c) 1949, with President General Eurico Gaspar Dutra. (d) 1954, with the suicide of Getúlio Vargas. (e) 1960, with the construction of the capital Brasília.
This movie associates also the songs with the events. Unfortunately, the story is very hermetic, confused, dated and boring, with many references of the Brazilian movement « Cinema Novo » (« New Cinema »). This film is important to students of cinema, but I did not like it. My vote is four.


Carlos Diegues

A former poet, journalist and film critic, Carlos Diegues, born in 1940 in the Brazilian Nordeste, emerged as one of the foremost proponents of Brazil’s Cinema Novo movement (akin to the French New Wave). Since making his first features in the early 1960s, he has explored various aspects of Brazilian life in political, social and historical contexts, with particular emphasis on slavery and its legacy to his native land’s culture. His films started debates in Brazil, provoking both the critics and the audience by its novelty. His film « Xica Da Silva » started a new period in the Cinema Novo movement, and encountered great public success.

Grande Otelo
Jean Pierre Léaud
Mario Lago
Odette Lara
Paulo Porto
Sergio Cardoso

Carlos Diegues

Prod. Jarbas Barbosa
Rua Senador Dantes 117
s. 1023
Rio de Janeiro

Title in Original Version : Les Héritiers