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52nd edition

Os Deus E Os Mortos

Fortnight 1971, Feature film, 120'


n the 1930’s, in the South of State of Bahia, Brazil, an adventurer with no name or history, who had already been shot 7 times, gets involved in the battle for land and cacao plantations. His plan is to take the place of « Colonel » Santana, taking his wife and money. He starts a bloody conflict, in which many simple people and landowners die.


Ruy Guerra

Ruy Guerra left his studies in Portugal for to go to the School of Cinema in Paris. After having worked as assistant for various French directors he moved to Brasil and participated with his first two films in the birth of the « Cinema Novo »: « Os Cafajestes (1962) » and « Os Fuzis (1964) » which won some international prizes. After an intermediate time in France where he made « Sweet Hunters (1969) » he returned to Brazil and went on filming there.

Aulo Carvalho
Dina Sfat
Freddy Kleemann
Gilberto Saboia
Itala Nandi
Jorge Chaia
Mara Rùbia
Milton Nascimento
Nelson Xavier
Norma Bengell
Othon Bastos
Roberto Tavares
Ruy Polanah
Vera Bocayuva
Vinicius Salvatori

Ruy Guerra / Flavio Império

Dib Lufti

Prod : Daga Films
c/o Guerra
Traversa Dona Carlota 19
Botafogo Rio de Janeiro

Title in Original Version : Les Dieux Et Les Morts