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51st Directors’ Fortnight May 15-25, 2019

Os Demonios D’alcacer Kibir

Fortnight 1976, Feature film, 1h30


If nothing had happened on April 25 in Portugal, this film would not have been made.
On that day, everything broke out. My plans too, of course. What happened was not only the downfall of the salazarist/caetanist fascism, but actually the end of the colonial empire.
« Os Demonios » is above all a bitter thought, without sorrow, on the end of an empire. How did such a small country (9 millions inhabitants) have been able to keep under control such large and rich territories like Angola or Mozambic for so many years ? Historians will have much difficulties in exlaining this phenomenon.


José Fonseca E Costa

Born in Angola in 1933, José Fonseca e Costa studied Law in Lisboa before working as a critic in magazines such as « Imagem » and « Sera Nova ». He managed a film club in Lisboa and worked as assistant on Antonioni’s « L’Eclisse ». He directed six short films and TV ads before his first long feature, « O Recado » in 1972. « Os Demónios de Alcácer Quibir » is his second long feature.

Ana Flora
Ana Zanati
Antonio Beringela
Fernando Loureiro
Luis Barradas
Sergio Godinho

José Fonseca e Costa, Augusto Sobral

Antonio H. Escudeiro

José Fonseca e Costa, Teresa Vaz Da Silva, Joao Carlos Gorjao

Production : TOBIS PORTUGUESA avec la collaboration du CENTRO PORTUGUES DE CINEMA

Title in Original Version : Les Démons D'alcacer Kibir