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52nd edition

Ors Zein

Fortnight 1977, Feature film, 1h50


« The Wedding of Zein » by the Sudanese writer Tayyib Sâlah’, is an extraordinary novel which remains in my opinion, a unique work in Arabian literature. I was amazed by the way « The Wedding of Zein » situates the man and his dream, between faith, shams and life. I do not think this subject has ever been treated in any Arabian movie. It seemed to me singular and at least fascinating to show the ambiguity of tradition and to eplain that religion could precisely be not obscurantist and oppressive, on the condition that people would not naively believe that the frock makes the monk, or that the saying « Do what I tell you, do not do what I do » must govern people… Faith belongs to those who believe, hope belongs to those who fights. Facing historical and social realities, our young nations must define their aspirations and believe in them. How otherwise can Men’s dream be made possible ? Khalid SIDDIK


Khaled Siddik

Born in 1945 in Koweit, he began his commercial studies in Mumbai and gave them up to enter the Indian Cinema Intitute. He worked first for the Koweit television, and directed several short films. To direct his first long feature, he founded his own production company in 1970 before shooting « Bas ya Bahar ». « Ors Zein » is his second feature.

Ali Mahdi
Awad Siddig
Ebrahim Salahi
Mohamed Kheiri
Soraya Roro
Tahiya Zarroug

Khalid Siddik

Towfiq Ameer, Khalid Siddik

Mohyee Abduljawab

Khalid Siddik, Souleiman Jamil, Edriss Ebrahim


Title in Original Version : Les Noces De Zein