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51st Directors’ Fortnight May 15-25, 2019

Orinoko – Nuevo Mundo

Fortnight 1984, Feature film,


The Orinoko river is the main character of the film. It recalls the various people who have travelled on its waters. The first part of the film takes place during the time before the conquest of America, seen as an earthly pardise. In this fake anthropological documentary, there is a shaman, Yanomami, who uses a drug called « Yopo », which provokes premonitory visions. He sees Christopher Columbus in 1498, arriving at the delta of the Orinoko, and the Catholic Missionary. A duel follows between the spiritual fathers of these different cultures: Walter Raleigh and the search for Manoa and Eldorado; Alexander de Humboldt, the German naturalist and Aimé Bomplant, the scientific discovery of the New World.
At the same time, the film recounts a mythical journey while going up the river, where characters of Latin-Amrican mythology, half-gods, half-men, half-animals, warn us that we are at its source. We see a woman, America, give birth to the river. The film tries to fill a gap of 300 years in the history of my country, from this discovery until its independance in 1810. Diego RISQUEZ


Diego Risquez

He was born in Caracas. He played for theater and films in Venezuela. In 1974, he went in Paris to work at Emilio Galli theater. He worked with Atica gallery as a photographer. Back in Venezuela, he got interested in painting and sculpture; he started directing films. His first feature one Bolivar, Sinfonia Tropikal was shown at The Directors’ Fortnight. Orinoko, Nuevo mundo was also shown in Cannes