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52nd edition

One More Time

Fortnight 1970, Short film, 8'


A young woman decided to make ashow of her death she is going to look at during the whole film. We will see the progressive and long dscent of a murderous machine which may pierce her throat.


Daniel Pommereulle

He was one of the main characters in Eric Rohmer’s first success: La Collectionneuse. He was an artist and he worked in cinema with directors of the new wave among others. He performed in about ten films like La Mariée directed by Truffaut, Week End, by Godard and Les Idoles, by Marc’O. In 1972, he played in Philippe Garrel’s movie La cicatrice intérieure; he worked with this director twenty-seven years later for Le vent de la nuit, on poilitcal commitment. He died when he was 66.

Deborah Dixon

Daniel Pommereulle

Etienne Becker

Michel Fano

Prod. Sybilla X films 201, Bd St Germain Paris 7e