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52nd edition

On va tout péter

Fortnight 2019, Feature film, 1h49
World premiere


A mix of Rock and Roll and Blues are the secret for successful rebellion. When I took my camera to the middle of France where the GM&S factory was threatened by a permanent shut down, I felt like something extraordinary was about to take place. And it did. The lyrics were written by workers who have had enough! The tune was composed by people not afraid to go against even the rules of revolt! The volume was loud enough to attract the media. Their working-class concert spread across France like wild fire. I sat out of sight, camera in hand, filming like catching fish in a barrel.


Lech Kowalski

Born in London to Polish refugees who survived Stalin's gulags, he now lives in Europe after enjoying punk life in New York: "I am proud to make underground films that are a map of my personal journey and history that started before I was born." D.O.A. with the Sex Pistols, Born to Lose with J. Thunders, East of Paradise, Holy Field Holy War… His films about outsiders have won prizes around the world. “The only escape is to create without fear."

Lech Kowalski

Thomas Fourrel

Lech Kowalski & Odile Allard

Sal Bernardi

Revolt Cinéma
38 rue des 7 arpents
93500 Pantin – France
T : +33 1 82 13 10 42

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Revolt Cinéma

Revolt Cinéma

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Title in Original Version : Blow It to Bits

Cannes projection

May 16
Théâtre Croisette

Théâtre Croisette

May 17
Théâtre de La Licorne

Studio 13

May 22
CCAS (La Napoule)

Press release

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C’est pour la bonne Creuse /// Libération

l’occasion pour ces héros en bleu de rappeler que leur combat n’est pas terminé /// Télérama

Les ex-GM&S bouleversent Cannes /// France Info

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