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52nd edition

On s’embrasse ?

Fortnight 2001, Short film, 6 mn


A young girl walks into a bar to get ready for the audition she’s to have in ten minutes. Finding it difficult to learn her lines, she asks a man sitting quietly nearby to help her…


Pierre Olivier

He studied drama at the National High Drama Conservatory in Paris as well as the Florent school. He performed on television and cinema for example in Le Batard de Dieu directed by Christian Fechner, Riens du tout ( Klapisch ), Les Années Campagne ( Philippe Leriche ). He worked for theater with Francis Huster, Agathe Chouchan, Stephan Meldegg, Françoise Roche. He directed Un jubilé by Anton Tchekhov and Le Baiser de la veuve by Israël Horovitz. He is an author and a director.

Alice Carel
Jean-Luc Abel
Marie Parouty

Pierre Olivier

Olivier Chambon

Raoul Fruhauf

Pascale Arnaud

Production :
Steve Suissa
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Title in Original Version : Can We Kiss ?