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52nd edition

Oh, Uomo

Fortnight 2004, Feature film, 1h10


After Prigionieri della guerra and Su tutte le vette è pace, this film concludes Yervant Gianikian and Angela Ricci Lucchi’s trilogy on the first world war. From the emblem of totalitarianism to individual physical suffering, the directors use this representation of man’s rampaging violence to draw up an anatomical inventory of the damaged body and examine the consequences of the conflict on children, from 1919 to 1921. From the deconstruction to the artificial reconstruction of the human body, they try to understand how humanity can forget itself and perpetuate these horrors.


Angela Ricci Lucchi

After studying painting with Oscar Kokoschka, Angela Ricci Lucchi became a visual artist and has held many exhibitions. Dissatisfied with painting, she eventually turned to avant-garde cinema. Moving to Milan, she began to work in « Mail Art » and shot her first film in 8mm. She met Yervant Gianikian in 1975. His work with recycled film footage led to their first collaboration.

Yervant Gianikian

Yervant Gianikian studied architecture in Venice with the intention of working in the arts and modes of seeing. Working with Angela Ricci Lucchi, he wrote his architecture thesis on the silent cinema of the 20s and the Russian films of Ivan Mozzhukin. Later, he found 9.5mm prints of these films which he used for Catalogue 9.5-Karagöez, his first archive compilation film, made with Ricci Lucchi. His discovery of the American avant-garde cinema and the work of Stan Brackage led him to understand that one could make films alone, without attending a school and without intermediaries.

Yervant Gianikian, Angela Ricci Lucchi

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Musique originale et voix : Giovanna Marini – Percussions : Luis Agudo

Production : Museo Storico in Trento via Torre d’Augusto, 41 38100 Trento Italie tél : +39 0461 23 0482 fax : +39 0461 23 7418 Museo della guerra de Rovereto (Italie) Province autonome de Trento (Italie) Commune de Rovereto (Italie) Fondation Opera Campana dei Caduti de Rovereto (Italie)