52nd edition


Fortnight 2005, Feature film, 1h41


Odete works in a hypermarket in Lisbon. She dreams of having a child with her boyfriend, Alberto, who works in the same hypermarket as a night watchman. But when Odete tells him about her desire for a child, Alberto runs away. Left alone, Odete becomes obsessed with her dream. Two youths, Pedro and Rui, are kissing outside a bar. They have been together for a year now and exchange engagement rings and oaths of love. Pedro goes home by car and Rui returns to the bar where he works at night. A few streets away, and a few minutes later, Pedro has a car accident. He dies in the arms of Rui, who comes running to help him. Rui, forlorn and hopeless, loses the desire to live. But the love between Pedro and Rui is eternal. Strangely, their destiny will meet that of Odete, who is summoned by Pedro’s ghost.


  • Ana Cristina de Oliveira
  • Carloto Cotta
  • João Carreira
  • Nuno Gil
  • Teresa Madruga


João Pedro Rodrigues, Paulo Rebelo

Rui Poças

Nuno Carvalho

Paulo Rebelo

Frank Beauvais

Set decoration
João Rui Guerra Da Mata


Production : Rosa Filmes Largo Maria Isabel Aboim Inglês 2-b Lisbonne 1400-244 Portugal tél: + 351 21 303 18 10 fax: + 351 21 303 18 19 rosafilmes@rosafilmes.pt presse: Chloé Lorenzi 177 rue du Temple 75003 Paris mob : +33(0)6 08 16 60 26 lorenzi.chloe@wanadoo.fr presse internationale : McDonald & Rutter à Cannes : +33 (0)4 97 06 51 34 à Londres : 44 20 76 37 26 00 jonathan@mcdonaldrutter.com


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