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51st Directors’ Fortnight May 15-25, 2019

Niu Lang Zhi Nu

Fortnight 2008, Feature film, 1h40


Daping hates Haili. Haili strode out of nowhere into her apartment, her life, and her promising relationship with Chen Jin. Though Daping tries to be a kind and honest person, Haili bullies her mercilessly. Then one day, Chen Jin disappears, leaving Daping pregnant again and not knowing how to survive. Haili has also experienced many hardships and difficulties in her life, and might be just the person to help Daping in troubled times. Although her mocking attitude doesn’t change, there’s still a chance for a bond to form between these two women’s hearts.


Yin Lichuan

Yin Lichuan graduated from the Department of Western Literature, Peking University in 1996 and from France’s ESEC in 1998, majoring in Film. As the leading female writer of the generation of « post-1970s », she has published widely in China and Taiwan. A collection of her novella « Comment m’est venue ma philosophie de la vie » were translated into French. In 2006, she wrote and directed her first film The Park Knitting is her second feature.

Lu Yulai
Yan Bingyan
Zhang Yi

Yin Lichuan

Liu Yonghong

Fu Kang

Yan Tao

Set decoration
Lou Pan

Production : United Image Communication Co. Ltd. Yadii Building, Beijing Machinery & Electricity Institute 4 Gon Ti Bei Lu Chaoyang District Beijing Chine Tél : +86 10 6501 8008 Fax : +86 10 6551 9768

Title in Original Version : Knitting