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51st Directors’ Fortnight May 15-25, 2019


Fortnight 2009, Feature film, 1h40


It is Christmas Eve in Santiago de Chile. Three teenagers with different problems at home end up spending the holiday together. Alejandro is 17 and comes from a working class family. He is Aurora’s boyfriend, an upper class 18 years old girl as beautiful as she is confused. That day, he decided to join her in the search of objects and mementoes from her dead father’s house before it is occupied by the new owners. In this place, at the foot of the Andean mountains in the outskirts of Santiago, the crisis they are living as a couple explodes. When the situation seems to reach a dead end something unexpected occurs: they find an intruder in the house. A vulnerable girl, Alicia is only 16. She had run away and sought refuge in the abandoned house of Aurora’s father During the process of taking care of her, they gradually find an exit to their own impasse. Alejandro and Aurora start to feel a growing fascination for the enigmatic Alicia, who increasingly becomes the personification of their desire. It is a night of initiation and loss of innocence after which they will begin to take the control of their own lives.


Sebastiàn Lelio

Graduated from the Chilean School of Cinema, he has directed several short films, « Four », « Chamber Music » (« Cuatro », « Música de cámara ») and has worked sporadically in television documentaries (« Mi mundo privado », « Cero »). In 2005, he premiered « The Sacred Family » (« La Sagrada Familia »), his first feature film, in San Sebastian Film Festival. Shot in only three days and edited for over a year, « The Sacred Family » has participated in over 100 film festivals and achieved 26 international prizes. Among this, the « Coupe the Cour » and Fripesci award for Best Feature and Critic award in Toulouse Film Festival, Gran Prix award in Era New Horizons Poland Film Festival, Best Feature in Seoul Film Festival, Jury special Prize in Vladivostok Film Festival and Signis award in Buenos Aires Film Festival, Best feature film of the year Chilean Critics Association. At the moment he is finishing his second feature film « Navidad » project selected in the Residence of Cannes 2006 and winner of the Chilean fund CORFO 2006 and the Audiovisual Public Works Fund 2007.

Alicia Rodríguez
Diego Ruíz
Manuela Martelli

Sebastián Lelio, Gonzalo Maza

Benjamin Ecazarreta

Sebastián Lelio, Soledad Salfate

Set decoration
Rodrigo Bazaes

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