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52nd edition

National Gallery

Fortnight 2014, Feature film, 3h


The National Gallery in London is one of the great museums of the world with 2400 paintings from the 13th to the end of the 19th century. Almost every human experience is represented in one or the other of the paintings. The sequences of the film show the public in various galleries; the education programs, and the scholars, scientists and curators, studying, restoring and planning the exhibitions.The relation between painting and storytelling is explored.


Frederick Wiseman

Frederick Wiseman was born in Boston in 1930. As a documentary filmmaker, he has examined the major North American institutions. After studying law at Yale, he decided to devote his life to directing, producing and editing his own films. To the rhythm of one a year, he has directed and produced a series of documentaries in which he pursues his study of the rules of “living together” in the great institutions.

John Davey

Frederick Wiseman

Frederick Wiseman

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