52nd edition

Narcisz Es Psyche

Fortnight 1981, Feature film,


The idea for this film came from a book by Sandor Weöres, a pseudo-manuscrit from the beginning of the 19th century, composed of poems and their explanations, as well as biographical notes in part signed « Psyché », i.e. Erszébet Lonyai. Taking both Nietzsche’s relationship with Lou Andreas Salomé and different episodes of our daily life as references, I tried to make this story a myth, a myth of antagonism born of our European culture, according to which men and women can only find their physical and intellectual liberty at the expense of others. And in spite of 35 years of socialism, my generation is still living in this antagonism.
In this way, « Narcisse and Psyché » is a story of present times, and even though the characters are wearing costumes from the past, the epoch they are a witness to exists outside the limits of history. Gabor BODY

Title in Original Version : Narcisse Et Psyché