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52nd edition

My New Gun

Fortnight 1992, Feature film, 1 H 35


Over martinis, Debbie, a thirty-ish housewife, and her husband Gerald, a New Jersey radiologist, are entertaining Gerald’s partner, Irwin and his girlfriend, Myra, in their suburban townhouse when Irwin and Myra anounce their recent engagement. Irwin has presented his young bride-to-be with a diamond ring and a handgun. Debbie is horrified. Gerald is not. A few days later, Gerald has bought a gun for their household as well. Debbie is not just opposed to the gun: she is obsessed with it. Skippy, their neighbour, is a mysterious and possibly untrustworthy guy, with a crush on Debbie. One night, he appears at their kitchen window, asking to borrow the gun… “My New Gun” details the chain events triggered when a housewife becomes the reluctant owner of a handgun given by her husband. A wry commentary on marriage, protection and suburban America.


Stacy Cochran

Born in New Jersey, she graduated in the University of Columbia after directing two short films: Cocktails at Six, ( on HBO and PBS ) and Another Damaging Day shown in various festivals ( New York, Seattle, Montréal and Locarno for example ). My new gun is his first feature film.

Bill Raymond
Bruce Altman
Diane Lane
James Le Gros
Maddie Corma
Stephen Collins
Tess Harper

Stacy Cochran

Ed Lachman

Ed Novick

Camilla Toniolo

Pat Irwin

Set decoration
Toby Corbett

PRODUCTION : New Gun Inc. I.R.S Media VENTE A L’ETRANGER : I.R.S. Media International