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52nd edition

Murmur Of Youth

Fortnight 1997, Feature film, 1 h 46


That same night, they wake up with the same sensations – the feelings young girls get when they have their first periods. Both are called Mei-li, and come from two different worlds. One is from a middle-class family who live in a Taipei high-rise. She watches silently as her siblings engage in their material pursuits and their long-suffering parents live out their rocky marriage. Mother has a lifetime of woes to share with anyone willing to lend an ear. Father, who used to have his dreams, is now a bitter old man, lying into tantrums when he is not parked in front of the television set. The other Mei-li lives in an old house at the other end of the town. Her parents are simple working folk who don’t want their children to experience the hardships they had to endure. The matriarch of the family is Granny, a woman of quiet dignity and forboding visions. She has suffered for most of her life but is unable to enjoy her comfortable old age, haunted as she is by nostalgic memories of her long-dead husband, who in her mind was a romantic gangster… One Mei-li does odd jobs around town, while the other has just dropped out of school, to the pained incomprehension of her father. Fate brings them together as cashiers in the box office of a movie theater…


Lin Cheng-sheng

He was born in a farm in high moutains, in Taitung. He was a backer when he fall in love with cinema. In 1986, he was at a cinema workshop where he met his wife. To get money to make their films, they spent one year raising fruits in Li Shan. He directed various documentaries in video about life and relationship with nature. His first short film won a government subsidy: this way he could make a full length film based on his short. He played in many films. His first movie, A Drifting Life, was shown in 1996 in Cannes.

Ah Pi Po
Lien Pi-tung
Lin Li-hsiu
Rene Liu
Tsai Chin-hsin
Tseng Jing

Ko Su-Ching, Lin Cheng-sheng

Tsai Cheng-hui

Hu Din-i

Chen Hsiao-tung, Chen Li-yu

Chang Hong-yee

Set decoration
Kuo Chuan-chiu

PRODUCTION : Central Motion Picture Corporation 6th floor, n°116, Han-Chung Street, Taipei, Taïwan Tél. : (886-2) 371 5191 Fax : (886-2) 311 3890 VENTE A L’’ETRANGER : Taïwan Film Center 4th floor, n°19, Iane 2, Wan Li Street, Taipei, Taïwan Tél. : (886-2) 239 6026 Fax : (886-2) 239 6501