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52nd edition


Fortnight 2002, Short film, 21 min


In Muno, a young African is assaulted and ends up in the hospital in a critical condition. Using this incident, Raphaël, a trainee at a radio station, returns to his home town to show how a rural community copes with racism. This weekend will be the chance for several people, all from the same neighborhood, to get together again. But the years have gone by and people’s interests have changed. And anyway, who gives a damn ?


Bouli Lanners

Belgian actor and filmmaker Bouli Lanners has, amongst others, directed Ultranova, awarded at the 2005 Berlinale; and Eldorado, awarded at the 2008 Directors’ Fortnight. His third feature, The Giants, centers around three teenagers seeking freedom. Photo : Nicolas Bomal

Charlie Kagi Sebasoni
Didier Toupy
Michaël Abiteboul
Philippe Grand’Henry

Bouli Lanners, Jean-François Lemaine

Jean-Paul de Zayetijd

Hélène Lamy au Rousseau, Marc Bastien

Philippe Bourgueil

Jarby Mc Coy

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