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52nd edition


Fortnight 2018, Feature film, 1h38
World premiere


One day, Kun’s mother brings home a new family member. For the four year old boy, joy quickly turns to disappointment when the little sister replaces her brother as the center of attention. The boy can’t bring himself to accept her as his sister. But things turn magical when, with a mysterious garden as his gateway, the boy encounters his mother as a little girl and his great-grandfather as a young man, and has a series of surprising adventures with his « older » sister from the future. These experiences change how he sees the world and help him grow into the big brother he was meant to be.


Mamoru Hosoda 

Mamoru Hosoda is a director of animation films who swept the animation awards in Japan thrusting him to the top echelon of Japanese animation directors. His animated films, with their distinct Japanese technique and sensibility, tell stories reflecting the realities of Japan but also transcending national boundaries and moving and inspiring audiences around the world.

Gen Hoshino
Haru Kuroki
Koji Yakusho
Kumiko Aso
Mitsuo Yoshihara
Moka Kamishiraishi
Yoshiko Miyazaki

Mamoru Hosoda
Ayako Hata
Yoshio Obara, Kenji Shibasaki
Set decoration
Takaaki Yamashita
Shigeru Nishiyama
Kyoko Kitahara

Studio Chizu
5F, 3-3-3, Amanuma, Suginami-ku
1660032 Tokyo – Japon
+ 81 353 479 355

Ventes à l’étrange
4 rue Manuel
75009 Paris – France
+33 6 29 87 45 04

Wild Bunch Distribution
65 rue de Dunkerque
75009 Paris – France
+33 1 53 10 42 60

Presse France
Games of Com
Aurélie Lebrun
+33 6 84 50 75 74

Presse Internationale
Tilly Miller
+44 796 265 2121

Title in Original Version : Miraï
Release date : 26 December 2018

Cannes projection

Théâtre Croisette
Wednesday, May 16 – 8.45 am

Théâtre Croisette
Wednesday, May 16 – 3 pm

Théâtre de La Licorne
Thursday, May 17 – 11.30 am

Cinéma Olympia
Friday, May 18 – 11.30 am

Studio 13
Friday, May 18 – 9.30 pm