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52nd edition

Ming wang xing shi ke

Fortnight 2018, Feature film, 1h52
World premiere


Film director and married man, Zhun Wang travels from Shanghai to the deep mountains as part of pre-production of the film The Pluto Moment. There he wants to collect folk songs with his teams, Hongmin Ding his savvy producer, Bai, a young and handsome actor, and Chun Du, camera operator and Zhun Wang’s fan. As time goes on, the dynamics among them start to change, resulting in an aimless journey. The director falls in love with Chun Du, a one-sided affection which just leads him to depression. Stuck in the remote mountains, they have to face up various difficulties and darkness inside and outside. Until the magnificient final ceremony…


Ming Zhang

Ming Zhang is an established director, writer and professor of the Department of Directing in Beijing Film Academy. He made his debut with In Expectation in 1996, which was premiered in the Berlin Film Festival and won prizes in several international film festivals, such as Pusan, Vancouver, Torino and so on. Since, he continues making films with his distinguished aesthetics and film languages.

Dan Liu
Daqian Yi
Meihuizi Zeng
Xinran Li
Xuebing Wang

Ming Zhang
Jinyang Li
Xiaogang Sun
Set decoration
Daxiong Wang
Jin Li
Guo Chen

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Title in Original Version : The Pluto Moment

Cannes projection

Théâtre Croisette
Wednesday, May 16 – 11.45 am

Théâtre Croisette
Wednesday, May 16 – 5.45 pm

Cinéma Alexandre III
Thursday, May 17 – 4.30 pm

Cinéma Olympia
Thursday, May 17 – 8.30 pm

Studio 13
Thursday, May 17 – 9.30 pm