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52nd edition

Mi Vida Loca

Fortnight 1993, Feature film, 1 h 32


Life in the Echo Park of Los Angeles was never easy, but Sad Girl and Mousie have always had each other. Best friends since childhood, they even joined the Echo Park street gang at the same time. Now, both girls have had children by the same man… In three interwomen tales, we meet Sad Girl and Mousie as they prepare to risk their friendship and their lives in a dangerous confrontation, Giggles, an older girl who returns to Echo Park from prison with a new idea of how women can take care of themselves, and the beautiful La Blue Eyes who has fallen in love with a romantic stranger only to discover too late his real identity…


Allison Anders

Growing up in rural Kentucky, Anders would always remember hanging onto her father’s leg at age five as he abandoned her family. Venturing back to Kentucky from Los Angeles at 17, she would soon move to London. She enrolled in junior college and later the UCLA film school. Enchanted with Wim Wenders’ films, she so deluged the filmmaker with correspondence that he gave her a job as a production assistant on his PARIS, TEXAS (1984). After graduating from UCLA, Anders made her feature writing and directing debut, BORDER RADIO (1987), a study of the LA punk scene, in collaboration with two former classmates. Her first solo effort, GAS FOOD LODGING (1992), telling of a single mother and her two teenage daughters, and her followup, MI VIDA LOCA (1994)/MY CRAZY LIFE, looking at girl gangs in the Echo Park neighborhood of LA where Anders settled, have shown her to be a deeply personal filmmaker who has used her own experience to make grittily realistic, well-observed, gently ambling studies of women coming of age amid tough, sterile social conditions.

Angel Aviles
Christina Solis
Jacob Vargas
Jesse Borrego
Julian Reyes
Magali Alvarado
Matlo Marron
Panchito Gomez
Seidy Lopez

Allison Anders

Rodrigo Garcia

Mary Jo Devenney

Richard Chew

John Taylor

Set decoration
Jane Ann Stewart

Production : HBO Showcase, New York, USA Vente à l’étranger : Odyssey, Los Angeles, Californie, USA